Delta CBD is a family run team that bring their knowledge and experience to the table.

Delta CBD is lead by myself, Kathy who found the tremendous health benefits that CBD use can bring first hand. In 2012 I was was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a long term condition that has a multitude of symptoms including widespread pain, fatigue and 'brain fog'. The only treatments that were offered to me were high dosage painkillers and nerve inhibitors, but taking such a mixture of medications left me feeling drowsy with little effect on the pain. So I took it upon myself to research what else could help, this is when I discovered CBD, a natural alternative to prescription medication. I found that within 2-3 days of taking CBD Oil my pain had eased and the fatigue was better than it had been for a long time. The use of CBD has been invaluable to myself, so I decided to spread the word and help others that are experiencing painful conditions. This is when Delta CBD was born.

We work with the top manufacturers and abide by all laws regarding the sale of CBD products. All of our products are independently tested and we can provide all documentation regarding this. 

Our range of CBD Products include - Oil, Wax, Shatter, Paste, Capsules, Vape E-Liquids, Vape Pens, Skincare and Edibles.

Delta CBD -  We are trustworthy, reliable and are constantly updating our stock, to bring you the latest from the CBD world.

We are a UK Ltd company with our registered offices in Poole Dorset

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